SIP-Benchmark III was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2009 - 2017.
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Optenet PC

Optenet PC
Devices supported
Operating system
Windows 7
Price *
39.95 €
Language of interface
english, french, portuguese, spanish
Test date
SIP Bench III, 3rd test cycle, Summer 2014

*Prices might change according to the latest company offers


The overall effectiveness score is fair on adult content and very weak on other harmful content.
There is no major difference in effectiveness between teenagers and children.
There is no major difference in effectiveness between web and web 2.0.
There is no major difference in effectiveness among the different languages.
Effectiveness score with adult content filtering for users up to 12 year old: 2.2
Effectiveness score with other harmful content filtering for users up to 12 year old: 0.0
Effectiveness score with adult content filtering for users 13 years and older: 2.4
Effectiveness score with other harmful content filtering for users 13 years and older: 0.0
Effectiveness score for users up to 12 year old: 1.1 out of 4 points
Effectiveness score for users 13 years and older: 1.2 out of 4 points


Installation of the tool: The installation process is comprehensible. The installer does not provide advanced options, except for the choice of language. The user is informed about the installation time via progress bar.
Configuration of the tool: The program isn’t designed appealingly but it’s possible to lose the overview. The configuration process is generally comprehensible. Some functions might be difficult to learn or remember, because they are placed or named unusually. The configuration contains several inconsistencies, e.g. content criteria aren't explained.
Usage of the tool: If the web site is blocked there is no possibility to react. The alert message encourages to contact the administrator so the message is not suitable for children. The alert message cannot be customized and is not worded with respect to children's capability of understanding. The reporting is detailed but difficult to read.

Usability of the installation process: 2.8
Usability of the configuration process: 2.5
Usability of the usage of the product: 2.1

Overall score for usability: 2.4 out of 4 points


The Internet Parental Control is able to block and monitor internet access by customizing the webpage filtering and to manage the use of applications/protocols. The parent can indicate specific URLs to be blocked (creation of a black list) or allowed (creation of a white list) by the filter despites the selected categories to be blocked/allowed. The parent can create a blacklist of keywords: this will block the page if the keyword is in the URL or in the content of the page. It is possible to block P2P and email applications. It is also possible to set up time restrictions for internet access.


The tool resisted to the main hacking attempts to by-pass it, except the possibility to by-pass the tool using the safe mode.
Overall score for security: 3 out of 4 points


Area of needFunctionalitySpecific issuesAssessment
Management Management of User profiles Create several profiles Yes
Remote Management Manage on various devices No
Monitoring Remote access to monitoring Yes
Filtering Customisation Topics Customisation of Filtering Topics Yes
URLs White List Restrict Browsing to White List No
Default White List No
Modification OR Creation Yes
URLs Black List Creation of User's own Black List Yes
Keywords Keywords Default Black List No
Default White List No
Creation of a User's Black List Yes
Creation of a User's White List No
Time Time Limit Settings Set a specific time frame or web access duration Yes
Blocking Message Type Ask for unblocking by parents No
Redirect to safe resources No
Usage Restriction Web Block Access Yes
Monitor Access Yes
Safe search Availability Yes
Social Networks Block Access Yes
Monitor Usage No
Personal data Provision Block No
Streaming Block Access Yes
Monitor Access No
P2P Block the application Yes
Monitor Downloads No
Skype Block chat No
Block video chat No
Monitor No
Prevent new Contact No
Windows Life Messenger Block chat Yes
Block video chat Yes
Monitor No
Prevent new Contact No
Email Block email client and/or webmail access Yes


Yes / No
I: installation in 3 steps or lessNo
I: choice of installation for beginners or advanced usersNo

C: different degrees of strength for the filteringNo
C: different content criteria for the filteringYes
C: option to transfer filter configurations between target usersNo
C: option to transfer filter configurations between devicesNo
C: overall comprehensible configurationNo
C: overall conformity with user expectationsYes
C: overall easy to learnYes

U: alert message in a child friendly languageNo
U: option to customise the reaction in case of blockingNo
U: overall easily operable and comprehensible reportingNo


The Tool prevents the user from by-passing the filter by:Yes / No
Using the IP address instead of the URLYes
Using an alternative browserYes
Changing time and date settings*Yes
Disabling or uninstalling the software without a password*Yes
Closing the filtering tool trough the Task ManagerYes
Using a proxy instead of a direct connection to the InternetYes
Accessing the web-pages through the Google CacheYes
Reaching a website through translation sitesYes
Renaming a blocked applicationn/a
Using Safe ModeNo
Filtering Content personalised by userNo
Filtering Content evolving through timeNo
Filtering Multimedia contentNo
Filtering outbound contentNo

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